Mural Mania Advisory Committee

                                                   Mural Mania Advisory Committee


                  Our Mission: The preservation of history through community art


Mural Mania began with Noel Dobbins and Mark De Cracker and others in Lyons around 2007.

Noel was especially interested in a series of murals along the Erie Canal corridor. Noel passed away

later that year, but Mark has carried the torch since then with great enthusiasm. In the spring of

2013 after discovering murals in Colquitt, GA and Dothan, AL, Walworth Town Historian Gene Bavis

joined Mark in Mural Mania.


MMAC Goals: 

  • To promote the mission of Mural Mania: “the preservation of history through community art.”
  • To maintain a list of mural artists, local and outside of the area. This list would include professionals and talented amateurs.
  • To promote programs that involve young people and/or volunteers working with professional
  • To gather technical and supplier information that would assist local groups to carry out their project(s).
  • To assist local groups in any way possible to create more murals for our area. This would include publicity and fundraising, and any other possible assistance and support we can give.
  • To coordinate with Tourist Promotion Agencies, the Seaway Trail group, the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor, local historical societies, and any other groups possible to carry out the mission.
  • To assist with and support the 2016 Global Murals Conference in the Finger Lakes/Erie Canal  Region


         Projects we are working on (2014-15):

  • A Wayne County Mural Trail (brochure) and an Erie Canalway Mural Trail
  • An updated and upgraded website with a mural locator map
  • Getting High School art students interested in murals (Mural Camps)
  • A “Gateway” mural – A BIG mural somewhere along Rt. 104(?) where a LARGE number of people will see it
  • Explore organizational structure options for Mural Mania
  • Create Mural Mania presentations (videos, PowerPoints, etc) to promote our mission.



Since this will be a loosely organized group of mural enthusiasts, “membership” is open to anyone who believes in the mission. However, now that we are hosting the 2016 Global Mural Conference, we will most likely need to create a more formal organization and probably seek 501(c)(3) non–‐profit status.

We welcome YOU to join us in our quest to bring more public art to our area.   

To get involved, please contact:    

                      Mark De Cracker                                             OR                             Gene Bavis


                     315-­573-­8170                                                                                      315-­573-­2768