Citizens Bank Mural

Citizens Bank Mural

Located at:

81 Glasgow Street, Clyde New York 14433

On the front of the Citizens Bank building which is on the East side of the street.


The old Citizens Bank Building is now a gift shop owned by Wayne and Sharon Rice. The bank opened in 1920 in a heavily renovated storefront that dated from 1882. The old vault and safe still stand near the back of the gift shop, and the bank’s tile floor is intact, too. The Citizens Bank operated from 1920 until 1943. It even survived the “Crash” of 1929, which was the start of the Great Depression. In 1943 the Citizens Bank made the decision to liquidate all of its assets and was bought out by the Briggs Bank which subsequently sold it and it became a shoe store.


This mural shows the interior of the Citizens Bank (circa 1930) and the faces of Wayne and Sharon Rice’s parents and shows the bank as it would have looked to someone seeing it through the window.


Artwork by Chip Miller and Corky Goss         July 2008