Generations of Smiles Mural

Generations of Smiles Mural

Located at:

47 William Street, Lyons, NY 14489

on the side of Dr. Mitchell’s Dental Office



Dr. Randy Mitchell, an intense local history supporter, was  impressed by the work that artists Corky Goss and Chip Miller were completing across the street, so he commissioned them to transform the alley-way wall of his dental office. As expected from these inspiring muralists, the resulting art renders the viewer awestruck. Named Generations of Smiles, paint records the heritage of dentistry in Lyons, especially memorializing Dr. Arthur Santelli, well respected dentist and local resident who first practiced on that site. Dr. Santelli presides over the old-fashioned dental chair. The creativity of the painters illustrates how dentistry has changed over the years.

Artwork by Corky Goss and Chip Miller                                           2007