Erie Canal Mural

Erie Canal Mural


Located at:

199 Van Buren Street, Newark, NY 14513

Located near the Port of Newark Interpretive Center and under the East Avenue Bridge on the north side of the Erie Canal.

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Dewitt Clinton

(1764 – 1828)

“Father of the Erie Canal”

While governor he was largely responsible for the construction of the Erie Canal.

In 1825 when the Erie Canal was finished he was the first to travel from Lake Erie to New York Harbor in his packet boat “The Seneca Chief”. Upon arrival he dumped two casks of water from Lake Erie into New York Harbor celebrating the first connection of waters from west to east.

Erie Canal Mural 2 600x300

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Old Newark

(circa 1850)

The Erie Canal changed the face of New York State, the United States, and the people whose lives it touched. The Canal attracted workers, boatmen, immigrants, and the people required to support their needs.

This mural depicts a young boy (“Hoggie”) driving his mule team.

The mules are located where the actual towpath ran.

In the background is Old Newarks’ Main Street Bridge.

Artwork by Corky Goss & Chip Miller                                                                                            2008