Street of Dreams Mural

Street of Dreams Mural

Located at:

1 Montezuma Street, Lyons, NY 14489

Located on the side of building which is on the north-east corner of William and Montezuma Streets

The talented young artist James Zeger has completed his second mural in less than a year. His goal was to depict downtown Lyons, specifically William street, circa 1915. Having no set design in mind, he studied a variety of historical media. His sources included collections of original postcards, books about Lyons, and the photo bank of the Lyons Civic Club. The inclusion of the trolley, horse and buggy, and early automobile subtly reminds us that this was a very important time in history; the world was becoming modern, but the old way of life still was present. The people in this “tapestry” represent real citizens, who paved the way for Lyons to be the County Seat as well as the center of activity for Wayne County. Amazingly, the art appreciator gets a two for one; in order to look upon the scene from 1915, one must view the same street, exactly as it is in real time. The comparison provides a memorable history lesson.

Artwork by James Zeger 2007