Winston's Dream Mural

Winston’s Dream Mural

Located at:

21 Butternut Street, Lyons, NY 14489

Located south and behind the Hotchkiss Peppermint Museum, near the Erie Canal


This site is more than a landmark in history. It is a community victory! In April 2006 discarded furniture, old tires, scrap metal, and assorted rubbish filled this spot. Concerned citizens took the first step in transforming this garbage pit into an area of which the community could be proud. Win Dobbins shared two things: a postcard, circa 1910 of this very spot, and a pamphlet of a community that created and displayed murals. Less than a year later a seemingly insurmountable project began…to make a park and have a mural painted and mounted on the old trolley abutment. Naysayers claimed it was a waste of time and money, and never could come to fruition. The word was spread, and volunteers donated materials and equipment, and contributed literally thousands of hours raking, planting, leveling, cutting, hauling, drilling…. whatever it took. the result…a beautiful historical park for the enjoyment of both citizens and visitors. A modern community came together to celebrate the rich history of Lyons. As said, it is truly a community victory. Mural Mania wishes to thank the following volunteers for their faithful and generous contributions to this site:

G. Winston Dobbins Park and the mural Winston’s Dream was sponsored by Lyons Chamber of Commerce and completed by volunteers who took pride in their community to make this happen! Mural Mania Wishes to Thank Our Volunteers

David Albanese, Jennifer Albanese, John Albanese, Steve Bartlleson, Les Bartley, Roy Blecher, Sue Bonnell, Rose Brein, Tim Brickle, Joe Burgess, Seth Burgess, Alex Calvo, Maura Chappel, Gerry Clingerman, Colleen DeCracker, Diane DeCracker, Hannah DeCracker, Jane DeCracker, Jessica DeCracker, Mark DeCracker, Ron DeCracker, Tony DeLork, Shawn DeWolf, Biddy Dobbins, Charlie Dobbins, Duncan Dobbins, George Dobbins, Hailey Dobbins, Imelda Dobbins, Lucas Dobbins, Lucy Dobbins, Noah Dobbins, Noel Dobbins, Sidney Dobbins, Donald Elmer, Vaugh Faison, Charlie Foster, Joe Fox, Ed Gansz, Keith Gardner, Alex Gardner, Pat Gorthy, Corky Goss, David Granger, John Groves, Sara Gurney, Susannah Halagan, Dillon Hall, Meghan Hansen, John Harris, Nina Jacobsen, Sheldon King, Alyssa Kline, Stephanie Knarr, Alicia Linzy, Thomas Love, Erica Lohrmann, Sharon Lubitow, Sharon Taggart, Jack McCrannels, Chip Miller, JoAnn Miller, Dave Monaghan, Andrew Olgin, Celine Olgin, Christina Olgin, Elizabeth Olgin, Gary Olgin, Allyn Perry, Lucas Quagliata, Cindy Quagliata, Helen Santelli, Stuart Smart, Joe Snell, Darlene Sovie, Amy Sliter, Val Stowell, Eric Taft, Mike Valerio, Dan Wolf, Lorraine Wolfer, Diane Young, James Zeger

And Our Supporters for Services, Materials, and Donations

Andi Evangelist, Dan Lagasse, Dan Wolf, Dobbins Drugs, Dobbins Painting and Contracting, Double Js Pizza of Lyons, Gansz Farms, Lagasse Works, Inc., Roseann Kruger, McDonalds of Lyons, Nima’s Pizza of Lyons, Old Lyons Hardware Store, Past and Present Personal Videos, PBS Supply of Lyons, Phelps Cement, Pine Creek Farms, Santelli Lumber, Sean Dobbins, Smitty’s Hots, Subway of Lyons, Sunoco of Lyons, Walmart of Lyons/Newark