Lock 30 Mural

Lock 30 Mural

Located at:

1 Canal Park, Macedon, NY 14502

Located at the Lock 30 Canal Park on the side of the Elmer Clark Pavilion


“Historical Presence of the Village”


This pavilion was previously owned by the Macedon Village Volunteer fire Department. In recognition of this, and their extraordinary contribution to the Village over the years, the mural shows “Old Betsy” the 1864 fire pumper, which was found in a nearby barn on Railroad St., and restored by the fire department in 1983. The pumper was pulled by up to 20 men, rather than horses! The pavilion was originally dedicated to Elmer Clark, longtime Fire Chief, and he is shown in the mural.

“indian” Charlie Cook was the local basket maker, known as “everyone’s friend”. He lived on the shore of the old canal close to here, and used to to sell his baskets and spread goodwill around the village until his death in 1939. We also see the canal boat going out the canal, ready to be loaded with fresh produce to be shipped downstate. As Macedon was an agricultural area, the canal offered great opportunities to export produce. Prior to the Erie Canal opening in Macedon in 1823, shipping costs from Albany to Buffalo were $120/ton. Later they fell to $14/ton, and later to 40 cents/ton. The canal opened up commerce to and from many villages, towns, and cities, as well as enabled easier immigration of people to the western states.


Artwork by Dawn Jordan                                                      August 2013